Products Overview


Top Soil

  • Quality screened top soil available by the Cubic yard, ½ yard, 1/4 yard or by 5 Gallon pail

    • Discounts available for full truckloads

  • Compost and garden mixes also available.


Decorative rocks

Grey limestone - Several sizes available

  • 3/8 minus (crush) packs well for walkways and pads

  • 3/4” fragmented makes excellent decorative ground cover

  • 1 1/2” fragmented makes excellent decorative ground cover

  • 2”-4” These mid-size to large rocks make for good decoration or creek beds

  • 3”-6” (Gabion Rock) These large rocks make for good decoration or creek beds


Rocky Mountain Rustic limestone - insulating rock

  • Sizes vary by season. Call for availability


Montana Rainbow rock - multi colored rock that is ideal for decorative beds and walkways. - - Available in 2” - great for decorative beds

1” - great for decorative beds or walkways

1/2” - great for walkways


Cypress Rainbow Rock - Multicolored rock from Southern Alberta with plenty of sparkle.

  • Several sizes available.





Creek stone - Light colored washed rock in a variety of sizes

  • 1/2”(Pea rock) . Good for walkways and play areas.
    * Does not pack!

  • ¾” washed- good for weeping tile, drainage, under decks and edging houses.

  • 1 ½“ off -white in color. Used for ground cover under decks and around houses

  • 2”-4” Creekstone- ideal for dry or wet creek beds


Black Lava Rock - Suitable rock for decorative landscaping. 


Red Shale - Often used for walkways and rock beds. Available in 3/4” and 1 1/2”


Boulders – every boulder is unique and should be picked out to suit your needs.

Montana Rainbow rock

Montana Rainbow rock

Cypress Rainbow Rock

Cypress Rainbow Rock


Concrete Products

From retaining wall blocks to Pavers, we can provide the materials you need to make your landscape design become a reality.


Sand & Gravel

Variety of different sands available from fill sand to concrete sand to engineered play sand.


  • Fill sand – economic but somewhat inconsistent

  • Play sand – washed, fine grain sand for playgrounds

  • Concrete/stucco/masonry sand - fine grain sand for concrete work


  • ¾ crush- mix of sand and crushed rock packs well for a base under pavers or buildings

  • 1-¼ Topper - larger fragments of rock with less sand. Makes an excellent driveway surface

  • Discounts available for full truckloads (14 ton)


Fill sand

Fill sand



  • Premium Spruce/Pine mulch - Excellent for placing around trees. This mulch will break down over time, producing a compost that is very healthy for tree growth.

  • Cedar mulch - Does not break down nearly as fast as spruce mulch and therefore retains color and composition much longer. Can be harmful to some plants if used in direct contact. - - Sold in bales (5.5 cubic yards)

  • Douglas Fir bark nuggets - Dark brown in color and quite long lasting.

    Available in Small, Medium and Large

  • Black mulch - Beautiful and dark in color. This mulch is perfect for decorative landscaping.


Fabrics, etc

Landscape fabric, Edging, Straight edge and all the products you need to get the job done right.

  • Commercial grade landscape fabric in 3, 4, 6 and 12 foot rolls

  • Commercial grade landscape edging in 20 ft lengths

  • Snap edge to use as starting strip with pavers

  • Landscape nails and staples


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