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New Grass

There are four primary methods to establish a new lawn




This is the most inexpensive method. The seed is thrown onto
the surface as evenly as possible and then raked or harrowed into the topsoil. The grass will usually grow but is often moved around by wind or rain runoff and may be very uneven.



Seed applied with a Brillion grass drill. The drill applies the seed evenly and presses it into the soil so that it generally comes up more evenly than broadcast seed.



Seed is mixed with water and wood mulch to form a slurry that is sprayed onto the ground. This provides resistance to erosion as well as helping to lock the moisture in the soil to accelerate germination and growth.


Sod is the most expensive alternative but provides almost instant lawn. We sell locally grown sod that has been nurtured for two years and usually fresh cut on the day it is laid.